Criminal Law

If you’ve been charge with a crime, you have options even if it may not feel like it. That applies even if you believe that you’re 100 percent guilty. You have rights under the law including to have the prosecution prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt without violating your Constitutional rights. We can help you fight to have your case dismissed for lack of evidence or because of Constitutional violations.

In other cases, there may be alternatives to what you were originally charged with. This might include seeking a plea deal or entering into a program that lets you avoid a criminal charge altogether. We work with you to figure out your possible defenses, your chances of success, what options are available to you, and what impact each option might have on things like future job prospects. While we will explain all available options, we will never pressure you to take a deal. We will give you advice, but you are the sole decision maker when it’s time to choose what to do.

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